Thursday, 13 May 2021

Who I am

chi sonoIn Rome, in the heart of the Trieste district, a stone's throw from Villa Ada, you will find my goldsmith's workshop.
Here I personally make by hand my small collection of jewelry-sculpture, according to the ancient technique of lost wax casting.
I am inspired by the nature that surrounds me and by the memories of my childhood spent between the Island of Elba and Sardinia to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings where leaves, branches, shells and small animals come to life.
The shapes are soft and irregular, declined in the metals I prefer to work, silver, bronze, yellow bronze and gold, often embellished with hard stones such as turquoise, garnet, agate, quartz, onyx, lapis lazuli and opals.
It is a personal and creative perspective to interpret the art of jewelry creation, in the wake of the best Italian tradition of craftsmanship, but with a distinctly contemporary personality.
A refined and original design and a careful workmanship give my creations that unique and precious value that only objects made to perfection possess, making them able to create a special bond with the wearer.