Thursday, 13 May 2021

The technique of lost wax casting

The technique that I prefer to use in the realization of my jewels is the lost wax fusion, or micro fusion. It is a very ancient technique, dating back to the Bronze Age, used through the centuries in both sculpture and goldsmithery.
Illustrious examples are the Riace Bronzes, the Capitoline She-wolf, the Chimera of Arezzo and a large part of the Etruscan, Greek and Roman jewels.castelli12
In the Italian Renaissance this technique has experienced its greatest splendor, giving rise to works such as the Perseus with the Head of Medusa and the salt shaker Benvenuto Cellini.
My work begins with the creation of a wax model of the object, from which you get a plaster cast. Then the molten metal is poured into the mould, which melts the wax with its own heat (hence the name "lost wax"), takes the form.
The versatility of the lost wax micro-melting allows me to model my jewelry-sculptures with organic, soft and irregular shapes.
Thanks to the use of this ancient technique it is possible to obtain jewels that are at the same time evocative of the jewels of the past and contemporary in style and taste.
Handling, shaping and heating the wax in my hands is a pleasure for me that makes the finished jewel even more alive and beautiful, solid, but with fluid and enveloping lines.
Each of my collections gives the wearer a touch of originality that does not fall into the eccentric and the pleasure of adorned with a unique jewel in everyday life.