Thursday, 13 May 2021


  • Bracelet with ram's heads, inspired by some models of Etruscan goldsmith art, handmade in bronze yellow.Bronze bracelet
  • Yellow bronze bracelet handmade according to the ancient goldsmith craftsmanship technique called lost wax.Bronze bracelet
  • Rigid bracelet with liberty-inspired floral motif, made of yellow bronze according to the ancient technique of goldsmith craftsmanship called lost wax.Bronze bracelet
  • Silver bracelet handmade with the goldsmith's technique called lost wax.Silver bracelet
  • Articulated bracelet handmade with traditional techniques of goldsmith craftsmanship.Silver bracelet
  • handmade pink bronze lost wax braided bracelethandmade pink bronze bracelet
  • 20200420_170057floral silver bracelet
  • 20200424_11371120200424_113711
  • 20200424_11373920200424_113739
  • 20200424_11380420200424_113804
  • 20200424_114536knot line silver bracelet
  • 20200425_18131120200425_181311
  • 20200425_18320220200425_183202
  • 20200426_19094220200426_190942
  • 20200426_19133320200426_191333

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